Zio XT

What is a Zio XT?

The Zio XT monitor is a device that records your heartbeat data for two weeks at a time. All electronic health data is stored on the device itself. It is stuck onto your chest, one finger space underneath the collar bone. It can be worn for up to 14 days and gives doctors longer information on any abnormal heart beat rhythms you are experiencing.

How should I prepare for a Zio XT? What happens on the day?

There is no specific preparation for having a Zio XT put on. On the day, you will be asked to remove your clothes on the top half of your body. If you have any hair on the chest this will be shaved off in the place where the device is stuck on. It can be worn in the shower and when asleep but it should not be submerged under water. We can even arrange to have a Zio XT posted directly out to you, cutting out the need for another clinic visit.

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