Respiratory Medicine at Venturi

We understand that suffering with any respiratory condition, including post-Covid symptoms, can be extremely frustrating, upsetting and debilitating. That is why we have launched ‘respiratory medicine at Venturi.’ We are working with a team of respiratory consultants, who all have extensive clinical experience in diagnosing and treating the full spectrum of respiratory illnesses.  Cardiovascular and respiratory conditions often go hand-in-hand, therefore having both specialisms under one roof is a natural fit for Venturi. We offer clinical consultations and a range of diagnostic packages to suit the needs of each patient.

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Respiratory Health Check

This package is for anyone who has generalised concerns about their breathing and respiratory function. This includes people who are worried about asthma and COPD.


Post-Covid Recovery

This package is for people who have suffered from Covid and have concerns about how it may have affected their overall health. It is also for those who continue to suffer from symptoms of Covid and are looking for a treatment plan.


Specialist Chest Infection

This packaged is designed for anyone who suffers with chest infections, be they acute, on-going or recurring.