Corporate packages

We are keen to work with organisations of all shapes and sizes. We want to help you look after your staff and protect their health.

We offer a range of heart health tests. They include:

  • Pre-employment cardiac screening
  • Heart wellness screening as part of a benefit package
  • CT scanning, reporting and expert recommendations

We can also create a bespoke plan based on your needs and the needs of your team.

Proactively managing employee health and wellbeing can significantly reduce workplace absence. Staff absence costs an average of £568 per employee per year and is costing the UK economy a median of £77.5 billion every year.

We are already working with some forward thinking companies who understand that looking after their employees’ health and their hearts is very important.

For more information on our corporate packages do not hesitate to get in touch on [email protected]

We see both privately insured and self funding patients.

Please see our packages for self funding rates. We offer video consultations for patients who do not want to travel.

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