Self-pay Packages

Our self-pay packages have been specifically designed to offer you the very best care quickly and affordably. We want to give everyone ready access to diagnostics and expert advice, making sure you get the answers and support you need more quickly.

We offer competitive prices compared to locally available traditional private hospitals. Our range of cardiac diagnostics are all on site so it is possible to have your consultation and diagnostic investigation in a one-stop-shop setting.

If you are interested in specific tests or you would like to create a bespoke package around your needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch either on [email protected] or 01925 748245

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Venturi Consult

We offer clinical consultations in our dedicated venue in the heart of the North West. Or, if you do not wish to travel, we can set up a virtual consult using video meeting software

from £175

Venturi Lite

This streamlined package is aimed at patients who may be concerned about their risk of heart attacks.


Venturi Plus

Venturi Plus offers a comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment. It is recommended for those that train regularly, want to get back into sport or who are recovering from an illness.


Venturi Complete

This is the complete cardiovascular evaluation and is ideal for those experiencing symptoms or who require a detailed assessment of their overall risk


Venturi Ultimate

This is the ultimate package for those who want a deep dive into their cardiac health.


Venturi Cares

This subscription service is designed for anyone who feels they need regular access to a consultant cardiologist.

£100 per month