What is a Kardia? 

Kardia is a small personal ECG monitor. Designed to fit in your pocket or attach to the back of your mobile phone, it allows you to record your heart rate whenever you want. To do this, you put your first and second fingers on the pads, make sure you are next to your phone and it will record your heart rate for 30 seconds. The results are then stored on the app on your phone and can be sent directly to your doctor. The Kardia is designed to help detect atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia or normal heart rhythm.

How should I prepare for a Kardia?

There is no preparation required for Kardia. You simply take it away from the clinic on the day and use it in conjunction with the Kardia app. Whenever you have symptoms you can create a single lead ECG recording directly to your mobile phone. The data is then stored and sent to your cardiologist for further analysis. You can either purchase your own Kardia or borrow one from your clinic for a set period of time, usually with a small deposit and fee.

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