Venturi Cares

Venturi Cares – £100 per month

This subscription service is designed for anyone who feels they need regular access to a consultant cardiology, clinical physiologist and wrap around cardiac care. Whether you are living with an ongoing heart condition or perhaps you have a strong history of heart disease in your family and you want to keep things in check, this plan gives you peace of mind that you have expertise and diagnostics at your fingertips.

Package including:

  • Consultant annual appraisal inc medication review and bloods
  • CardiacSense Watch3 – the only recognised ‘medical watch’ on the market (RRP £825) which continuously monitors for atrial fibrillation, with results automatically sent through to your cardiologist
  • Ad hoc video consults (fair usage T&C’s)
  • Monthly lifestyle check in with HCA (height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, pulse and spirometry)
  • 20% discount on Venturi diagnostics
  • Gym discounts
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We see both privately insured and self funding patients.

Please see our packages for self funding rates. We offer video consultations for patients who do not want to travel.

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