Venturi Consult

Clinical Consultation – £250

We offer clinical consultations in our dedicated venue in the heart of the North West. Starting with a comprehensive consultation and cardiovascular examination by a Venturi consultant cardiologist. Following the examination, you will be advised of any testing that we would recommend. You can choose to have these tests with Venturi Cardiology or be referred back to the NHS if you prefer. We pride ourselves on our communication. Following any Venturi consultation, you will receive a detailed letter outlining the consultation and management plan. This will be forwarded on to your GP and other health care professionals as required.

Video Consultation – £175

If you can’t or would rather not travel, we also offer an online consultation service. This allows you to enjoy a thorough discussion with one of our consultant cardiologists from the comfort of your own home using video meeting software. As with our clinical consultation any ongoing care or investigation that is recommended can be done within Venturi or referred back into NHS service. As with all our Venturi consultations you will receive a letter outlining the outcome of the consultation and recommendations.

We see both privately insured and self funding patients.

Please see our packages for self funding rates. We offer video consultations for patients who do not want to travel.

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