Point of Care Blood Tests

What are point of care blood tests?

Point of care blood tests are tests that are done within the consultation, so you receive the results immediately instead of waiting for a laboratory analysis. This fingerprick investigation tests lipids and cholesterol levels – giving the consultant important information about your risk of heart attack.

How should I prepare for point of care blood tests? What happens on the day?

Occasionally you will need to fast before a blood test. A member of the Venturi team will let you know if this is the case.

On the day, a strap will be wrapped around your upper arm to make your vein more obvious. The area around the vein will then be cleaned and a small needle will be injected into your vein. The needle will be attached to a small bottle. A small amount of blood will be withdrawn.

If you are feeling anxious or nervous about the procedure please let the team know in advance. They will be able to support you and recommend strategies such as breathing techniques to help you complete it with minimal stress and discomfort.

There is always the option to have some blood markers done via a less invasive ‘finger-prick’ style test – similar to measuring blood glucose.

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