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Although both monitor the heart, ECGs and echocardiograms are two different tests. You may need to have both an ECG and an echocardiogram, depending on the situation.

Cardiologist consultations and diagnostic tests for the heart provide critical information on heart health, and the likelihood of an individual having any underlying (or obvious) conditions.

But with so many tests available, it’s important to understand the differences between two tests – echocardiograms and electrocardiograms. 

What is an echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram looks for irregularities in the heart’s structure using an ultrasound. Also known as an echo – it is a non-invasive test that uses soundwaves to build up pictures of your heart, much like technology used to scan pregnant women.

What is an electrocardiogram (ECG)?

An ECG , or electrocardiogram is also a standard non-invasive cardiovascular test that records the electrical activity of your heart to measure its rate and rhythm. The recorded electrical waves can be analysed to look for evidence of cardiovascular problems including (but not limited to) heart chamber enlargement, heart muscle thickness and previous heart muscle damage.

Are you on a waiting list for an echocardiogram?

At Venturi Cardiology our consultant cardiologists know the importance of timely diagnostics. We also understand that having to wait on an NHS waiting list for an important heart test can add to your worries. That’s why we are now offering a 10% discount on our echocardiograms, allowing you to have all tests within a couple of hours in our private specialist clinic based in warrington. Results are reported back to you and your GP fast, meaning you can move on to the next stage of your treatment, if appropriate, or have the peace of mind that comes with a clean bill of health. 

We will need a referral letter from your GP in order to book an echocardiogram. If for some reason that isn’t possible, we can book you in for an initial consultation first and then let you know if any further tests are required.