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Whilst at the official opening of Venturi Cardiology, retired Bolton Wanderers footballer, Fabrice Muamba had a lesson in how to give CPR. Nine years ago, former Bolton midfielder Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest in an FA Cup quarter-final at Tottenham. It took medics 76 minutes to restore a regular heartbeat after he collapsed on the pitch in 2012.

Fabrice said

I want to use my platform in whatever way I can to raise awareness about heart disease. It is so important that everyone knows how to give CPR. I would like to see it taught in schools. Defibrillators should also be very readily available. Like fire extinguishers, they should be in every building. Without CPR, a defibrillator and the excellent medical team, Christian Eriksen wouldn’t be with us today and neither would I.

Although it was a little while since Fabrice had practised CPR he was keen to have a refresher from Dr Scott Murray. There are a number of things to be aware of when giving CPR, not least that what you do if you are on your own is different to what you do if you have a second person with you. However, doing something is always better than doing nothing – even if you don’t feel totally confident.

In this short video, Dr Scott Murray and Fabrice Muamba demonstrate what to do if you need to give someone CPR.

Dr Scott Murray and Fabrice Muamba demonstrate CPR

There are many other excellent guides to giving CPR as well as training courses. The British Heart Foundation has lots of valuable information including this guide – How to do CPR.