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The Study

In a recent study, published in the Journals of the American College of Cardiology, Dr Henzel and colleagues investigated the effect of exercise on the heart arteries. They performed a CT coronary angiogram to measure the amount of heart disease (plaque) in patients’ coronary arteries. Patients were then randomised to either the intervention group or control group. The intervention group received a series of dietary counselling sessions throughout the follow up and encouraged to exercise. The intervention group also received preventative medical therapy. The control group received preventative medical therapy alone (ie no dietary or exercise plan). A repeat CT coronary angiogram was performed 67 weeks later to measure the amount of coronary plaque.

The Results

There was a significant reduction in the amount of heart artery plaque in the patients who received dietary counselling and exercise advise.

Why this is important

These results highlight the important role that diet and exercise play in reducing the risk of heart disease. The reduction in heart artery plaque may mean a reduced chance of sustaining a heart attack in the future…

Venturi’s View

Although this was a small study the results demonstrate what can be achieved by undertaking appropriate lifestyle changes after a diagnosis of heart disease. Although there is significant guidance available illustrating the steps required the majority of patients fail to adjust and sustain the significant lifestyle changes required to truly reduce the risk of heart disease. At Venturi we aim to work with our patients over the long term in order to maximise their risk reduction. This is done through a combination of consultations and feedback on key lifestyle metrics. We believe this approach is key to individual long-term health. If you want to discuss this further then please do contact us here.