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7.6 million people in the UK live with a heart or circulatory disease. High numbers quickly remind us that our health can take a turn at any point. It is essential to stay on top of any symptoms you may be experiencing and seek the help of a cardiologist at the first sign of pain or discomfort.

A private cardiologist is the best solution for getting answers quickly. However, if you want to make the most of your appointment, it’s good to come prepared. To diagnose the causes of your symptoms, your cardiologist in Liverpool will need to run several tests for heart disease.

This article will examine what questions you should ask during your initial consultation and after you have obtained a diagnosis.

What Does a Private Cardiologist Do?

There are many different people and professions that you might encounter when you’re trying to identify the causes of symptoms you are experiencing. Each different role comes with other responsibilities, so knowing who to talk to about your symptoms and any tests you want to undertake is helpful.

A cardiologist specialises in finding, treating and preventing issues with your cardiovascular system. This includes the heart, arteries and veins. As a result, your cardiologist is the best person to ask about the tests for heart disease you might need to take or how to adjust your lifestyle to live with your condition.

Whilst cardiologists work within the NHS to offer this service; you might yourself waiting longer than you are happy to, for answers. However, a private cardiologist can often see you within days and start the diagnosis process straight away.

Before Your Tests

Before undergoing any tests for heart disease, it is a good idea to speak to a cardiologist about your general health and understand which risk factors  might affect your symptoms.

A few good questions to ask include:

  • How does my family history impact my heart health?
  • Is my age, gender or weight affecting my heart symptoms?
  • Could my eating habits be impacting my symptoms?
  • Is my exercise routine appropriate for my symptoms?
  • Could stress/anxiety increase my risk of complications?
  • Which tests could I undergo to get answers about my symptoms?
  • What should I do if symptoms persist?
  • What’s my chance of a cardiovascular problem in the future?
  • Why are you recommending a specific test?

After Your Tests – Ready for a Diagnosis

Once you have completed one or several tests for heart disease and your cardiologist can offer a diagnosis, you will probably have many further questions. Receiving news like this can be confusing or upsetting, so it’s essential to take your time to ask more questions to better understand your condition.

Here are a few things to ask your cardiologist once you know the cause of your symptoms:

  • What symptoms might indicate a deterioration of my condition?
  • Why are you prescribing this medication?
  • Will changes in my lifestyle make a difference?
  • Will my condition improve or become more challenging?
  • How much physical activity should I be doing? What actions can I still do, and how often?
  • Is it okay to go back to work/ go on holiday
  • What help is available for people with my condition?

Venturi Cardiology is a private cardiologist in Warrington, with easy access from Liverpool. Get in touch today for a consultation about your heart health, changes to your lifestyle, and tests we can perform to identify any underlying conditions.