Heart Bypass Surgery

What is heart bypass surgery?

Heart bypass surgery is an operation to reduce the symptoms of angina and give you a better quality of life. The procedure takes around three and a half hours. and involves taking a healthy blood vessel from another part of your body, most commonly your leg, chest or arm. This vessel is then grafted onto the heart, bypassing the vessel which is blocked. In some cases, more than one blood vessel is grafted on. This is called a double, triple or in some cases quadruple heart bypass.

This operation can be done by making an incision down the breastbone or non-invasively by making a small incision through which the graft is done. The non-invasive procedure is not suitable for everyone. Once you have had the operation, recovery normally takes around two to three months. If the diagnostics you have at Venturi indicate that a heart bypass is necessary, we will support you to have this carried out on the NHS or privately by referring you to one of our trusted consultant surgeons.

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