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Heart diseases are a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels, also known as cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). They are a leading cause of death globally and a huge concern for governments and healthcare providers throughout the world. 

Reducing deaths from heart disease requires great awareness of its causes and the use of several disease management interventions. And whether you are now at risk of heart disease or feel like you might be in the future, it is important to consider methods of prevention as early as possible.

According to the World Health Organisation, around 80% of strokes and heart attacks due to heart disease are preventable and being aware of the major risk factors is key. Below are some tips on how to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke:

Understand the Symptoms and Act Fast

Heart disease can lead to many changes in the body and serious symptoms, which include, but is by no means limited to, heart attacks and strokes. Other possible symptoms, which can come on prior to a heart attack or stroke, include:

  • Chest pain that comes on during exercise
  • Palpitations
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling of your ankles
  • Difficulty breathing at night
  • Feeling dizzy or faint

Know what the risk factors are and reduce where possible

Certain conditions increase the risk of having heart disease. These include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, a diet which includes lots of processed fat and sugar, diabetes, a family history of heart disease and atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat).

Being aware of your own cardiovascular risk is an important first step. If you are at high risk of heart disease you can discuss with a heart specialist or cardiologist what you can do to reduce your risk. This might include making different lifestyle choices,undergoing treatment or screening.

Get checked or see a professional for advice

If you are having any of the symptoms listed above, it’s crucial that you seek medical advice from a medical professional. Screenings and tests can also give you a much better understanding of the dangers you face as well as the severity of any existing conditions that will need to be managed.

At Venturi we do not just provide the diagnostics but we will also put together a tailored plan to help you get your health back on track. This might include an exercise plan, dietary considerations or treatment. We work with a number of other health care professional who can provide rehabilitation, help and advice to reduce your risk of heart disease over the longer-term.

There are many ways to stop yourself from ever having a heart attack or stroke, and speaking to someone can often be the first step in building a solid prevention plan. If you’re currently looking for a cardiologist in Northwest England, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Venturi Cardiology here or book a consultation here

Confront your risk factors

You may already know the types of things that can lead to heart disease. The simplest but hardest part of prevention is cutting out certain things from your life and addressing your risk factors head-on. 

Cut Out Unhealthy Foods

Ingredients like sugar, salt and fat are bad for your heart. And if you are overweight or obese, you are at greater risk of suffering from various heart conditions.

Therefore, losing weight and exercising more can help to improve your overall health, as well as help you to stay in shape generally and avoid various other health conditions. 

Quit smoking

Smoking thickens your blood and can increase the amount of plaque in your arteries. Quitting smoking will significantly reduce your risk of various health conditions, including many related to the heart, such as heart attacks and stroke. 

Reduce Alcohol intake and Stay Hydrated

Heavy drinking can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, strokes, and weight gain. Also, it can severely dehydrate you which can lead to several health problems.

Want to speak to someone?

If you have any concerns about heart disease, we would recommend you book a consultation Our team of cardiologists based here in the Northwest England can help you understand the state of your heart health with accuracy as well as build a health plan to prevent you from suffering from any serious conditions like heart attacks or strokes. 

We offer several specialist heart screening services designed to examine your overall heart health. They can identify early warning signs of heart disease, even if you’re not sure whether this is a problem for you. Book a consultation