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In the middle of a pandemic, long-term sufferers of heart disease and poor cardiovascular health have additional concerns to worry about. Whilst COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory disease; it’s important to carefully calculate whether you’re more at risk and take the necessary precautions to stay healthy this year.

We’ll discuss what coronavirus means for your heart in this article.

Does a heart condition put you at a higher risk of COVID-19?

It’s unlikely that existing heart or circulatory conditions put you at an increased risk of catching the virus. But there is a chance that you will suffer from the virus more severely if you catch it. This makes it more critical for you to protect yourself.

If you’re over 60 mainly, you’re considered to be more at risk of severe complications. If you’re in a clinically vulnerable group or at exceptionally high risk, you must shield carefully and follow local lockdown rules. You should aim to minimise contact with others and wash your hands frequently.

If you’re worried about an existing condition during the Pandemic, we also recommend getting in touch with your cardiologist for a consultation. 

Can Coronavirus cause heart damage?

Whilst the virus primarily causes respiratory problems, you should be wary of damage to your heart with severe cases of the virus. Heart failure can be a result of COVID-19. This is because the virus causes inflammation and fluid in the lungs that can reduce oxygen supply to your bloodstream. If you have pre-existing heart conditions, this can be an added danger, and the heart might fail from overworking itself. 

There is also a risk that coronavirus may infect and damage the muscle tissue of the heart directly. The same is the case for other viral infections, including the flu. 

COVID-19 can also have symptoms that resemble heart problems, such as chest pain and shortage of breath. It’s essential to be vigilant and see a cardiologist if you’re experiencing these symptoms. They’ll be able to tell you if your symptoms are being caused solely by COVID-19 or if there is an underlying issue.

Should I still see my doctor during the Coronavirus pandemic?

You should continue to see your Doctor when necessary to monitor and treat any cardiovascular conditions. However, hospitals can expose you to other patients and heighten the chance that you’ll get in touch with the virus. It’s also worth noting that these are stressful times for many NHS hospitals, and they have to see a larger number of people with tighter precautions.

If you’re experiencing heart symptoms, get seen now. Despite the added strain on the NHS, doctors and hospitals are still prepared to treat patients with urgent problems aside from COVID-19. If you are concerned, don’t wait to get an appointment.

Seeing a private cardiologist could be a safer and more comfortable option. A private cardiologist will be able to significantly reduce your outpatient wait time and see to your health as soon as a concern arises. You’ll also be able to be seen in a more comfortable and quiet practice.

Maintaining your heart’s health during the Coronavirus pandemic

The best way to protect your heart during the pandemic is to take precautions not to catch the virus. But whilst you’re shielding at home, there are other things to consider to keep yourself healthy and well. This includes maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding high-cholesterol foods.

You should also stay active and take care of your mental health. 

  • Save contact and emergency numbers for your cardiologist on your phone, so you can find them easily if necessary.
  • If you wear alone, consider wearing a medical alert device.
  • Keep a sufficient supply of your medication at home at all times, so if you need to self-isolate, you can do so without worry.
  • Continue to take your medicine as usual.
  • Don’t delay doctor visits. During high-demand times, a private cardiologist may be able to see you sooner.
  • Work with your cardiologist to manage the risks associated with the virus and understand how it might affect you.

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