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Thursday April 7th 2022 is World Health Day. The perfect day to think about how you can live a healthier lifestyle – including making improvements to your heart health.

As World Health Day aims to promote wellbeing, both physical and mental, there is no better time to learn what exactly you can do to better the health of your heart.

Why is a healthy heart so important?

Although the reasons behind keeping your heart healthy appear obvious, aside from the fatal consequences of an unhealthy heart, minor changes can also have implications for your overall day-to-day health. This includes both your physical and mental states. This article aims to give advice on how to have a healthier heart.

How to care for the heart

Good news. There are things you can do to improve your heart health, and every second counts. Regardless of age, now is the time to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

Improving heart health

  1. Exercise. Whether that be a walk, a run, weights, or something more intense like a few hours’ long gym session – whatever it takes to get your blood pumping.
  2. Decrease smoking or stop completely. Of course, this is no easy feat – but smoking increases heart rate and blood pressure, in addition to reducing the oxygen spread around the body.
  3. Make time for mindfulness, or whatever personally allows you to alleviate stress. Stress, especially lots of stress over time, can increase your risk of heart disease. So prioritising ways of dealing with stress will improve your overall health.
  4. Keep an eye on your blood pressure and cholesterol.
  5. A healthy diet – and yes, that includes drinking in moderation.

What about factors I can’t control?

Of course, there are some factors that may be out of your control. This could include your family history, and your biological makeup.

These factors can be identified by professionals, and a timely diagnosis will certainly aid in any concerns or problems you may be having.

Consider a consultation at Venturi Cardiology

Get an early diagnosis now. Here at Venturi Cardiology, we are proud to offer quick diagnostic investigations that allow you to be informed about your own heart health.

Prioritise yourself this World Health Day and get in touch if you do have any worries.

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